20 февраля 2020

Просмотры на youtube

The largest video hosting
The service was launched in 2005, but a year later it was bought by Google. YouTube today is a colossally expanded Internet platform, which is used not only for video sharing: on the hosting channels are celebrities and large corporations, here new stars are born.

According to statistics, YouTube is visited daily by more than 4 million users, the service entered the top three, and the videos are used by leading TV channels in the preparation of reports. The interface and functionality of YouTube is constantly expanding, and now bloggers do not need to use third-party programs to create interesting videos, they were developed to help a unique creative Studio, which has a wide range of tools for editing and editing videos. Now you understand why you need YouTube.

Watching video

To view the video on YouTube, just visit the free video service. On the main page, the system will offer you several popular videos: select one of them by clicking on the icon or name. You will be taken to the page of this video, after which it remains to start the player.

At the bottom of the player, users can work with the video stream: stop or rewind the movie, change the volume, add subtitles. Also at the bottom registered on the video hosting people can put likes and dislikes, thereby evaluating the videos.

Video search
Like any self-respecting service, YouTube has a search function. At the top of each page is a field where you can enter queries. To search, users can enter keywords, tags, or just the topic on which they want to view the video.

Registered users do not need to surf the expanses of video hosting on their own: a smart system based on the history of views and affixed likes itself will offer suitable content.

Why do you need subscribers, more free 1000 youtube views trial.
If you like a channel, you can become a subscriber. Subsequently, when new videos are released, you will receive appropriate notifications. This is a very convenient feature that allows you to be aware of the news favorite author.

Why do you need Youtube subscribers for authors? For the owner of the channel, fans are a way to earn money on the created content. The more video views and people who subscribe to the channel, the more money from embedded advertising blogger will receive from video hosting through monetization.

Basics of using YouTube

YouTube users are a huge community of viewers and authors around the world. The video service strictly monitors the behavior of participants, so beginners should follow the established rules.

Simple user
YouTube is a live system, so community members need to constantly take advantage of the opportunities provided. Watch videos, rate them and leave your opinion about what you saw in the comments. It is interesting that when expressed inactivity of the user for six months, the service has the right to withdraw the account.

User comments should be as friendly as possible and do not contain obscene language, insults, etc.If you come across content or messages of community members who violate these rules, you should report it by clicking on the appropriate line.

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