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Опубликовал: keg 04.12.2013
Simon's Cat creator Simon Tofield was honored to be invited to decorat...
Simon's Cat creator Simon Tofield was honored to be invited to decorate a giant statue of Aardman's Gromit for their children's charity - The Grand Appeal (2013). All of the Gromit sculptures have been placed around the city of Bristol, UK. Visitors can search for statues on the The Gromit Unleashed Trail. They will then be auctioned later this year.

In this video, we see how Simon covered Gromit in 100s and 100s of his illustrations.

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'Simon's Cat in Gromit Unleashed' Credits:
Filmed & Edited by: Chris Gavin
Music: 'Mischievious Magic' by Sam Clunie, from stockmusicsite.com

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