22 сентября 2019

window washing manhattan

Windows-a business card, the face of the house. With dirty Windows, even the most fashionable interior, expensive cladding of the house will not look presentable, attractive. Clean Windows — a great opportunity to look at the world differently!

According to the ancient Eastern sages, it is through the Windows in the house comes positive energy. To dust, soot did not interfere to break the sun and positive, you need glass Windows to keep a constant state of cleanliness.

Window washing manhattan in the apartment.
Modern window cleaning in the apartment-a matter of professionals. This difficult occupation requires certain skills and knowledge. Independent performance of these time-consuming, dangerous tasks by the owners of the apartment, does not always achieve the desired result. Therefore, it is necessary to use the services of highly qualified employees who, with the use of special equipment, detergents, will conduct a quality window cleaning without streaks, stains, scratches on the glass, chips. Perfectly owning skills, knowledge, experienced professionals provide a wide range of services, regardless of the number of storeys of the building, the size of the Windows. Use of special equipment promotes safe performance of works on city skyscrapers.

Professional window washing is the main specialization of our company. This service, with guaranteed high results, is provided by qualified specialists at the most convenient time for the customer.

Shining purity, transparency of glasses is reached by the correct selection of detergents, application, fulfilled for years, sequence of technological process which includes:

glass surface treatment with special cleaning solution;
removal of heavy dirt with a safe scraper;
washing frames, window sills with microfiber cloths;
removal of dust, dirt from the slopes, from the space between the frames;
the final removal of the cleaning solution, drying glass with rubber sgona.
This process provides for when performing window cleaning bring to perfectly clean the entire window unit.

The use of the latest household chemicals helps to achieve ideal results while cleaning all elements of window openings:

window frame;
To keep for a long time Shine, transparency of glass, the applied special final polishing water -, dirt-repellent means will be able. Its use will increase the time resource of the effect of cleanliness, allowing for a long period to enjoy a clear panoramic view of the surrounding space, excellent access to the apartment desired bright sunlight.

Window washing is a seasonal or periodic cleaning procedure carried out as they become dirty. If necessary, this procedure is performed with a mobile construction site or aerial platforms. It uses a specialized tool: scrapers, ties, coats. But at a height of more than three meters it is impossible to do without the use of special equipment.

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