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Rent an apartment in Munich

Apartment for rent in Munich

In today's world, lifestyle, as well as its speed and quality have changed dramatically. People have become more mobile and no longer spend their entire lives tied to one place. Traveling a lot and for a long time: whether it is work or tourism, many still seek to find a sense of traditional home comfort away from home. Therefore, in recent years, more preference is given to renting apartments, which allows the traveler not only to feel the warmth of the hearth, but also to throw off the mark of the tourist.

Going on business or vacation in Munich https://apartmentmunich.ru/ is to consider the accommodation option in advance as this city is considered one of the most popular for living not only in Germany but also around the world. With many options to choose from-from expensive hotels with a worldwide reputation to budget hotels and hostels, the issue of accommodation in the business and cultural center of Bavaria is quite acute. The demand for apartments in Munich far exceeds the supply and most likely search and rent an apartment in Munich will require you a lot of trouble. Rent an apartment in Munich will help our team of professionals.
Apartments in Munich-rent quickly and profitably

We help you to rent an apartment in Munich on a professional level and provide our clients with the best options in the heart of Munich. Finding and renting an apartment in Munich for you is now our concern.

Rent an apartment in Munich for rent or for a longer period, on any budget and taking into account all the preferences and wishes of customers – our main task.
Why do many people choose apartments instead of hotels?

Apartments in the center of Munich have many advantages over hotels:

Renting an apartment in Munich in the first place, you get more personal space and the opportunity to lead their usual way of life.
Rent an apartment in Munich is much more convenient for families who travel with children: you can cook your favorite home-cooked food for the whole family.
Living in a stylish Munich apartment makes your stay in the city more memorable and not as anonymous as in the big template hotels.
You can feel like a local resident and get away from the usual tourist cliches.

Who do we help to rent an apartment without intermediaries?

Many people come to Munich from abroad to work or relax and choose to cooperate with us. We have an extensive database of apartments and apartments in Munich, so we can satisfy the most demanding requests. Our multilingual team will be happy to choose a convenient apartment in the center of Munich, will help with airport transfers, as well as with car rental.
What we offer?

We offer you a choice of small apartments for rent in Munich (Studio) and luxury apartments. The advantageous location of our apartments in the cultural and business heart of Munich (walking distance to Karlsplatz square, Konigsplatz metro station and the Central railway station Hauptbahnhof) will help to save time and effort to move around the city.

All apartments are equipped with modern furniture and appliances (Wi-Fi unlimited Internet, TV with a wide selection of Russian-language channels and a huge video library, kitchenette with fridge and freezer, coffee maker, electric kettle, stove and all necessary kitchenware), comfortable and well-groomed bathroom.

Additional services are offered for cleaning of apartments, Laundry, Ironing, as well as transfer from and to the airport (the distance to Munich airport is 32 km), car rental of any class.

To rent an apartment in Munich, just contact us, and then you can enjoy a great holiday in the capital of Bavaria.

What should you pay attention to?

Preparing to rent an apartment in Munich for a week or daily for rest or work, you should pay attention to the following details that will allow you to spend time in the city with even more comfort:

    Proximity to the Munich u-Bahn;
    Balcony or terrace;
    Apartment in a renovated and renovated typical Munich house (Altbau);
    Wooden floors (Parkettboden);
    Proximity to parks and playgrounds (English gardens – the most popular holiday destination for locals and visitors);
    Proximity to shopping and business centers or clinics.

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